March 19, 2014

Expect the unexpected

Discovery of the Best Restaurants in Pattaya

Looking at Pattaya restaurants, on the the hunt for fine dining, can seem like just an oasis on the horizon. With so many restaurants claiming to have the best European fare, a guide to point you in the right direction is the order of the day. If you’ve ever experienced a European restaurant in Pattaya that just doesn’t live up to its claims, of fine food, you wouldn’t be blamed for simply opting for well-known names like Hilton Hotel and Sheraton Resort. Both, Hilton Pattaya and Sheraton Resort have multiple international restaurants throughout their resorts, here in Pattaya. Both being located on the beach, the location plays a great part in the dining experience, so much, that sometimes if the food isn’t the best the atmosphere will do the rest. So why venture beyond the safe confines of the dining establishments housed in the Hilton Pattaya and Sheraton resorts?


What makes a Pattaya restaurant the best?

With such an assault of the sense going into your dining experience, location, service and of course the food, it’s not easy to point to one restaurant as simply the best. Some may have the best service and other the best food. The best location really can depend on your mood at time, do you want open air dining or be tucked away in a private, discreet corner.  So it isn’t “all about the food” although it is a crucial element, I haven’t even mentioned things like parking and kid friendly and whether they serve Thai food as well. Most restaurants have a Thai option on the menu, and even if they don’t, they are almost certainly able to whip something up, just ask. It’s a common thing, where one wants steak and pasta and the other wants som tum and sticky rice.

Jomtien; The home of the fine dining restaurants

Jomtien beach restaurants

Pattaya beach itself, hasn’t the appeal as say Jomtien beach, with Jomtien beach being the option of choice for those travelers and expats looking for something a little better. The water is cleaner, and the choice of food venues is of a higher standard also.
As I mentioned before, Jomtien beach has a great choice of European food and most of a higher standard. The Jomtien beach strip is long like Beach road and parking is just as tough, at times, although there are a lot more spaces available. You can always take the baht bus, at 10 baht per head, up and down Jomtien beach road, to get to your destination. One restaurant, probably Pattaya’s and therefore Jomtien’s best kept secret is Moonlight Fine Dining.

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